Global Betulinic Acid Market: Repository of Analysis and Information for Every Facet of the Market

Betulinic acid is a natural product with a range of biological effects. In addition, betulinic acid is found in the bark of several species of plants such as white birch, rosemary and ber tree among others. It is found from the bark of white tree in the form of betuline. Betulinic acid is a new perspective to overcome some forms of drug resistance.

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The major drivers for this market are increasing various types of disease such as cancer and aids among others among population, increasing demand of betulinic acid in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics product. In addition, the health benefit of betulinic acid is in colorectal cancer, anti inflammatory effects, anti cancer, ovarian cancer, anti-fibrotic effects and antifungal metabolites among others. Betulinic acid has an effect on Cytokine production in human blood cell culture.

The medical uses of betulinic acid in the pharmaceutical industry is limited due to its poor solubility in blood and water serum, which poses a challenge in the preparation of injectable formulations for biological assays and reduces its bioavailability in the organism which act as restraint for the betulinic market globally.

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Betulinic acid market is segmented by application which includes pharmaceuticals, perfumes, food supplements, cosmetics and agrochemical products. There is a high demand for betulinic acid as pharmaceutical ingredient in molecular lead compound for drug development, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products among others.

Betulinic acid market is segmented by raw material which includes z-VAD-FMK (a highly specific and irreversible inhibitor of caspases-1, -3, -4, and -7), SB203580 (a highly specific and potent inhibitor of p38 MAPK), SP600125 (a selective and potent inhibitor of JNK) and Indofine Chemicals. Betulinic acid is being used in anti cancer, anti inflammatory effects and colorectal cancer among others.

The global betulinic acid market is expected to see robust growth in the near future. Several leading companies are taking decision to launch new products and establishing the partnerships between buyers and manufacturers are expected to remain the success factors for betulinic acid market in the forecast period. The largest market share in terms of revenue is Asia Pacific followed by Europe.

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Asia-Pacific is the most attractive region for betulinic acid market. Asia Pacific is expected to witness high growth in the forecast period in terms of revenue owing increasing various types of cancer among population in China and Singapore among others. The significant increase in application of betulinic acid in medical applications and drug analysis in Asia-pacific region is driving the market for betulinic acid. In addition, increasing various types of cancer is driving the betulinic acid market in the region. Moreover increases in use of betulinic acid in pharmaceutical, biotechnological companies are the prime drivers of the market in Asia Pacific region. Europe market for betulinic acid is expected to grow at a steady pace over the forecast period. Europe is the second largest market for betulinic acid followed by North America and Rest of the World. The increasing demand for betulinic acid is attracting the global players to include betulinic acid in their product offerings. Leading industries are focusing on expansion of businesses across region and setting up new plants for increasing their production capacity.

Some of the key players operating in the Inulin market are Cayman Chemical, Derex Labs Pvt Ltd, Hunan World Well-Being Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. and Toronto Research ChemicalS Inc. among others.

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